Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products


The Bos Gaurus (TBG) Edition Plans Terms & Conditions

The Bos Gaurus (TBG) Plans (“Plans”) are introduced by XOX Mobile Sdn Bhd (“XOX”) in support of the Perak Football Club. The plans are subject to the general terms and conditions for BLACK plans (“BLACK PLAN (GENERAL)”), the specific terms and conditions for Black plans (“BLACK PLAN (SPECIFIC)”), and the terms and conditions for Data Buffet plans (“DB (DATA BUFFET) PLANS”).

In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version (if any) of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.



1.       The Plans are officially launched on 29th March 2023 and shall continue to be available until further notice.

2.       The Plans are opened to all new and existing ONEXOX’s Subscribers who are Malaysian citizens with at least eighteen (18) years of age (“Subscribers”).

3.       XOX reserves the right at its sole discretion to include any other Subscribers who XOX deems fit for the Plans.

4.       Subscribers may continue to enjoy the Plans as long as the Plans remain active and on offer by XOX.

5.       XOX reserves the right to make any alteration or changes to the Plans or any part thereof or suspend the Plans or any part thereof with or without prior notice. XOX shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience to you resulting therefrom.

6.       Subscribers may choose to enjoy the subscriptions of the Plans below:


Plan Code





Monthly fee





Data Quota


Talk time











*SST (6%) will be charged at the end of the billing cycle.

    *Fair Usage Policy applies.


7.       Any additional usage will be subjected to a 6% SST at the end of the billing cycle.

8.       Upon full utilisation of the Internet Quota, a notification reminder will be sent from XOX, and Internet usage will be throttled to 512kpbs.

9.       The Plans are solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, and the Plans shall not be used for Commercial Gain.


10.   Internet usage of Unlimited* Internet is subject to XOX’s Fair Usage Policy to ensure fairness of usage and experience to all of ONEXOX’s Subscribers. XOX may at its absolute discretion manage your allocated bandwidth including but not limited to reducing your speed, suspend or terminate your bandwidth to the Mobile Internet Service to ensure fair access to all ONEXOX Subscribers on the same network with or without prior notice to you as prescribed in XOX Fair Usage Policy.


11.   The Unlimited Calls apply to all networks and for domestic usages only (i.e., within Malaysian networks) excluding video calls, calls to toll-free numbers or numbers with special charges (i.e., 1-300/1-800/600, 121, TM100, 1MOCC, IDD calls to Singapore & IDD/border calls to Brunei).

12.   These Plans are for standard person-to-person calls or texts and not for any commercial and/or non-personal usage. Non-standard usage includes but is not limited to non-multiple simultaneous calling, conference calling, re-supply, call centre usage, telemarketing, bulk messaging, application-to-person communication, continuously call forwarding, auto-dialling, machine-to-machine communication (including using your SIM card in any other devices), Cellular Trunking Units (CTUs), or any other activity XOX considered to be non-standard usage.

13.   The following rates shall apply to the Plan:

Type of Service


Rate (RM)

Voice Call

To all networks within Malaysia

0.15 cent/60 seconds


0.10 cent/SMS


1.       Subscribers may sign up, COBP or port-in to the plans via the following platforms:

a.       XOX Online Store

b.       Dealer Affiliate Online Store

c.       XOX Service Centre

d.       XOX and ONEXOX Authorized Dealer

2.       The specifications of the Plans are as stated below:

Plan Code




Monthly Fee




Data Quota






Talk Time



100 SMS

100 SMS

200 SMS

3.       All counters (SMS & Talk Time counter) can be carried forward but only Talk Time and SMS counters are shareable.

4.       The unlimited Talk Time usage of the Plan shall be subjected to the terms and conditions of XOX's Fair Usage Policy.

5.       TBG39, TBG59, and TBG89 are Data Buffet Plans (DB Plans) that come with Base Data and X times of X GB top up according to the specifications of the Plans when the data balance reaches the threshold. For more information, please refer to the Data Buffet Plans Terms and Conditions.



1.        Subscribers may sign up, COBP or port-in to the TBG150 Plan via the following platforms:

a.       Dealer Affiliate Online Store

b.       XOX Service Centre

c.       XOX and ONEXOX Authorized Dealer

2.       The specifications of TBG150 are as stated below:

Plan Code


Monthly Fee


Base Data


Talk Time



200 SMS


3.       All counters cannot be carried forward and are not shareable.

4.       The unlimited Internet and Talk Time usage of the Plan shall be subjected to the terms and conditions of XOX's Fair Usage Policy and is capped at 250GB data monthly.



1.       Software and applications which are used by you to send and/or receive, for uploading and/or downloading of files containing very large amounts of Data (e.g. peer-to-peer traffics like Bit Torrent or other similar file sharing applications). These software and applications demand a significantly huge amount of bandwidth which will negatively impact the speed and also cause network congestion. As a result, a vast majority of Subscribers will be affected from degradation or the quality of Mobile Data Service and deemed as excessive usage. Excessive usages are caused by spamming, virus activities, spy wares and/or other malwares which may reside in the Devices. These activities may be known or unknown to you and normally, operates at the back of the devices.

2.       Therefore, you must take all precautions and rightful action to ensure that the above activities are controlled and minimised at all times. XOX reserves the right to implement and enforce the said Policy at its sole discretion upon knowledge of occurrence of such activities. XOX does not guarantee a service level and/or connectivity to users of peer-to-peer of file sharing software or applications.

3.       The structures of volume allocations for the various packages or plans offered by XOX are as stated on XOX’s website. Data usage if provided on an “as is” basis for all Subscribers, and the available bandwidth is shared by all Subscribers active to a particular point in time.

4.       The Data volume calculation shall take into consideration of ALL activities carried out by you including those knowing or unknowingly done under the Mobile Data Service. You will be responsible for the security of your own Devices that are directly or indirectly connected to our Network. The responsibilities and onus of providing shall be on you to ensure that the Devices which are free from all viruses, spy bots, malwares, and any other harmful infections when using the Mobile Data Service. You agree that XOX:

a.       Reserves the right to manage your allocated bandwidth including but not limited to reducing your speed, suspend, or terminate your bandwidth to the Mobile Data Service to ensure that fair access to all XOX Subscribers on the same Network with or without prior notice to you as prescribed in this Policy if it is believed that your usage is excessive, unusual and/or consuming a large amount of bandwidth that affects the quality of the network for other users; and

b.       May, at its sole discretion, automatically disconnect your access to the Mobile Data Service after a period of your inactivity. This automatic disconnection is to allow maximum network performance (where applicable).

5.       You shall not use the Mobile Data Service:

a.       To run programs or servers that provide network content or connectivity to any third party not at the location where the connection is installed (including but not limited to FTP, HTTP, game, newsgroup, proxy, and IRC servers),

b.       To generate excessive amount of internet traffic through continuous unattended streaming, downloading, or uploading of videos or other files or to operate hosting services including but not limited to web, or game hosting,

c.       To attempt to gain unauthorised access to any computer system,

d.       For purposes other than personal and Individual Business Communication. This Mobile Data Service is conditional on fair usage in accordance with this Policy and/or other related terms and conditions,

e.       To resell or otherwise charge others for the use of their internet connection. This service is for recreational, residential, and/or personal use only and may not be used for operations of an Internet Service Provider,

f.        To transmit or facilitate any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, telemarketing, promotional materials, Spam (as defined herein this Policy), unsolicited commercial or bulk messages via any electronic means made available by the Mobile Data Service,

g.       For activities that will adversely affect the ability of users or systems to use XOX’s Mobile Data Service, or for any other reason that in our sole discretion violates our policy of providing Mobile Data Service for individual use; or

h.       In breach of any other applicable restrictions on your use of XOX’s Mobile Data Service under XOX’s terms and conditions including but not limited to this Policy.

i.         You can reduce the amount of Spam received if you:

                                                               i.      Do not open emails or other instant messaging services from dubious source,

                                                             ii.      Do not accept Spam-advertised offers via emails or other instant messaging services,

                                                           iii.      Report any Spam received; and

                                                           iv.      Avoid becoming an accidental Spammer by replying to the emails/other instant messaging services or clicking on dubious links.



1.       XOX reserves the right at its sole discretion to disqualify any registration(s) that it believes to be acting in breach or potentially breaches the Terms and Conditions of the Plans. 

2.       If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held unenforceable, then such provision shall be modified to reflect XOX’s intention. All remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall remain in full force and effect. 

3.       These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Laws of Malaysia and each party shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations hereto and in the event of any litigation thereto shall be submitted only to the jurisdiction of either the Courts of Kuala Lumpur and/or Selangor.

4.       XOX reserves the right to change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, terminate, and add all or any terms to the terms and conditions of the Plans accordingly. 

5.       Actual speed may vary and be affected by circumstances not limited to general internet traffic.

6.       The data service is subjected to network limitations and device capability.

7.       XOX does not warrant that the Services and/or the Plans shall be uninterruptible and/or error free. By subscribing, Subscribers hereby acknowledges and irrevocably agrees that XOX shall not in any manner whatsoever be liable for any technical failures of any kind, system/server interruption and/or any electronic error arising from the Subscriber’s use of purchase of the Plans unless the same arise from and are caused directly by XOX’s gross negligence or wilful default.

8.       XOX reserves the full right to hold, change, and extend any promotional campaign or event to the Plans, with criteria and terms and conditions. 

Last Updated on 7th February 2024