Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products



By subscribing to and using the XOX Mobile International Direct Dial (IDD) Call Service (referred to as “XOX Mobile IDD Call Service”), Subscriber agrees to have read and understood and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”). These Terms and Conditions shall be read together with the General Terms & Conditions, Specific Terms & Conditions, XOX Fair Usage Policy and any other applicable terms and conditions, all available on the website at www.onexox.my and as may be modified from time to time by XOX.


1)      Introduction

1.1     This XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service is provided by XOX Mobile Sdn Bhd (“XOX”).

1.2     XOX MOBILE IDD Service is a roaming plan offered by XOX for subscribers who wishes to make international calls.


2)      Product Information and Roaming Rates

2.1     XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service is available to all Prepaid (ONEXOX Prepaid and NU Mobile) and BLACK Subscribers subject to the roaming rates as specified in Table A (“XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service roaming rates”) below during the outgoing calls made.

2.2     XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service roaming rates is effective from 21st July 2020 and shall be applicable until further notice.

2.3     XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service roaming rates is applicable for calls originating from Subscribers within Malaysia.


3)      Subscriber’s Obligations

3.1   Subscriber shall ensure that there is sufficient credit limit or credit balance in order to use, without interruption the XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service.

3.2   Subscriber shall be responsible to bear and pay all surcharges, value-added taxes, and any other charges, taxes, exchange rate difference (if any) or such other sum as may be stipulated by XOX from time to time, incurred during the use of XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service.

3.3   Subscriber agrees that any inability from the Subscriber’s mobile device to utilize XOX MOBILE IDD Call Service shall act as a waiver of the Subscriber’s liability to observe and perform his obligations herein.


4)      General Terms and Conditions

4.1     XOX reserves the absolute right to withdraw, change, amend, modify, suspend, continue, terminate and/or add (collectively, referred to as “variations”) to any part or the whole of the Terms and Conditions of this XOX Mobile IDD at any time without prior notice to the Subscriber and Subscriber shall be bound to observe, perform and comply with the Term and conditions herein and any variations thereof.

4.2     XOX shall not be liable for any claims by the Subscriber or third-party claims or loses of any nature, including but not limited to, loss of profits, punitive, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages or for other damages and any related claims of any nature, including direct, indirect, third party, consequential or other damages resulting from or in connection with this XOX Mobile IDD Service.


4.3     XOX does not take any responsibility in the case of an event that may prevent the Subscriber from participating in this XOX Mobile IDD Service, as a result of certain technical restrictions or other limitations specific or force majeure which include but not limited to regulatory events, government directive, act of God or any event beyond the control of XOX.

4.4     These Terms and Conditions dated 20th July 2020 shall supersede all other previous versions of terms and conditions governing XOX Mobile IDD Service.




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