Terms & Conditions for the usage of XOX MOBILE operator services and products

FAT Data Plans Terms & Conditions


1.       These terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) contain important information that governs the Subscriber’s use of FAT Data Plans (“FAT Data Plans”) and data usage to the Internet (“Service”). Upon subscription to the FAT Data Plan, the Subscriber is deemed to have read, unconditionally accepted, and be bound by these Terms and Conditions as may be amended from time to time.

2.       The FAT Data Plan and Service are subject to the General and Specific Terms and Conditions governing the use of XOX Products and Services, XOX Fair Usage Policy, and any other applicable terms and conditions, all at ONEXOX’s official website: https://onexox.my/

3.       XOX reserves the rights without liability to revise these Terms and Conditions, Plan, and our pricing. Where reasonably practicable, XOX will give Subscriber reasonable prior notice of such changes. Once such changes have been made, all previous versions of XOX Subscriber guides or leaflets will be superseded. Subscriber accepts the responsibility to regularly review information on the Plan and Services at XOX’s website, including changes to these Terms and Conditions. The Subscriber’s continued use of the Service and/or the Plan after the Effective Date of any revisions/changes to the Terms and Conditions, Services and/or Plan shall constitute unconditional acceptance of such revisions/changes and therefore Subscriber shall be bound by the same. If Subscriber do not accept such revisions/changes, Subscriber may discontinue using the Plan and/or the Service, failing which Subscriber shall be assumed to have accepted the changes.


1.       ONEXOX Prepaid and Nusantara Mobile Subscribers are entitled to purchase the FAT Data plans as listed below:

2.       The FAT Data Plans and corresponding prices are exclusively for domestic usage only.

3.       In order to subscribe and/or purchase the FAT Data plan of choice, Subscriber shall ensure that they have sufficient data in their Season Pass counter or prepaid credit in their account (airtime) to cover the charges. The charges for the FAT Data plan shall be deducted from the Subscriber’s credit balance (airtime), when there is insufficient data in the Subscriber’s Season Pass counter. If the existing data in the Subscriber’s Season Pass counter is sufficient, the data shall be taken from the Season Pass counter without any charges.

4.       Subscribers may subscribe to any ONE (1) FAT Data plan at a time only and be subjected to the duration of the Plan. At the expiry of the Plan, Subscriber will have to repurchase again in order to continue the enjoyment of the Service. However, if the Subscriber’s Plan is on auto-renewal, the Service will be continued automatically unless disabled by the Subscriber.

5.       The monthly FAT Data 13GB (DATA FATPROMO) and FAT Data 6GB (DATA MOREFAT) plans are promotional FAT Data plans available for a limited time only. DATA FATPROMO is available starting on 15th May 2021 until further notice. DATA MOREFAT is available starting on 25th June 2020 until further notice.

6.       Subscribers may subscribe to the FAT Data plan of their choice via any of the following methods below:

a.       SMS – Send the Subscription Code of the package of choice to 23388 or 22111 (ONEXOX Prepaid Subscribers) or 26688 (Nusantara Mobile Subscribers)

b.       Easy Menu – Dial *150#

c.       XOX Self Care

d.       Black App

7.       Data from the FAT Data plans cannot be carried forward, are non-transferable, and non-shareable.

8.       Subscribers who are on an auto-renewal basis for the FAT Data plan and do not wish to renew the plan are required to disable the auto-renewal via SMS, Easy Menu, or Black App. Further information can be found in the FAT Data Plans FAQ.


1.       Subscribers may purchase additional data by using the Add-on service.

2.       The following XOX Data Add-On (“Add-On”) are available to Subscribers:


3.       The purchase of Add-On is unlimited.

4.       Any unused data remaining from Add-On cannot be carried forward.

5.       XOX reserves the right to suspend or cease this Add-On service and to amend and modify these terms and conditions, including prices and denominations in which Add-On may be purchased, without notice for any legitimate commercial, technical, or operational reason.

6.       Should you need any further clarification, you may contact our Customer Careline at 1300-888-010 or 12273 from your ONEXOX Prepaid.


Last Updated on 9th February 2023